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Sports Marketing Essay

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Running Head: SPORTS MARKETINGSports MarketingSports MarketingSports marketing is one of the fastest growing areas of marketing communication. It provides a different type of vehicle for communicating with consumers that does not necessarily follow all of the rules of other types of marketing communication. Sport has (1) unique combinations of characteristics that (2) lead to unique patterns of psychological responses that therefore (3) demand out of the ordinary attention to a variety of marketing tactics. Consider the unique characteristics of sports. None of these characteristics exists only in sports, but the combination of all of the phenomena in one place give sports a special ...view middle of the document...

The Club is also a way for parents, players, faculty, alumni, and other donors of the team to get involved.B. ObjectivesShort TermRaise enough money to cover expenses of the Club ($1467.62).Publish a media guide for the 2004-2005 game teams to send out to prospective players and potential donors.Enlist at least a dozen members to help get the Manchester United Football Club off the ground.Long TermIncrease the visibility of the program among prospective players and local businesses and citizens through magazine, letters and media guide. Visibility will be measured by the number of inquiries we receive about the program - for the Manchester United Football Club and for Golden Bears Game and FieldGet the Manchester United Football Club to be self-supporting and self-functioning. The donations must surpass the break-even point. Appoint a board of members to administer the club.Set aside 10% of donations each year for scholarships.Competitor AnalysisThere are few competitors for the Golden Bears Manchester United Football Club within the Twin Cities metropolitan area. However, most of them are not in direct competition since they offer slightly different services. The High school of Minnesota has two nearly identical programs - the Williams Fund for men's athletics and the Berg Fund for women's athletics. The goals of both programs are to secure annual donations establish endowed gifts for the athletic programs. The Piper Athletic Association is the official organization of Hamline alumni-players. This organization "exists to generate money for the athletic programs at Hamline" (PAA website). Bethel College sponsors the Royal Stadium Club and Royal Athletic Association, which contribute money to improvement of athletic facilities and programs.A few programs exist within the FAPL games athletic department that might be considered competition for the Manchester United Football Club. Additionally, there are other clubs and organizations within FAPL games High school that compete for members, such as the Art Club, the FAPL games Science Organization and the FAPL games Mission Society. Other athletic teams within FAPL games will also be competing for fundraising dollars. Finally, other departments within FAPL games, such as the Music or Science departments may have their own fundraising arms.In summary, while there are several organizations that offer similar programs in the Twin Cities, none of them offer them specifically for game and field.Market-Product Focus: Marketing and Product ObjectivesThe goal of the Manchester United Football Club is to create knowledge about the club to donors and supporters who are willing to help us achieve our goal in raising money to benefit the game team. The donations will help out with equipment costs, traveling fees, and meet entry fees. Our goal will be to get players, parents and other supporters involved in the program to help advance the FAPL games game team. The club will provide a package deal that will include...

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