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Sports In The Usa Essay

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The role of English in the modern world

Cadet Kotelnikov Oleg
Group ATO-14-2
Supervised by Bershattskaya S.A.

Ulyanovsk 2015


Introduction 3
1. Baseball 4
2. Basketball 5
3. American football 6
4. Ice hockey 7
5. Soccer 8
6. Other popular sports ...view middle of the document...

Some Americans like active games and others like quite games. I think that quite games, as golf and crocket, intend for rich elite people. Most popular games in the USA are hockey, American football, baseball, basketball and soccer. I would like to explore these sports in my paper.

1. Baseball
Baseball is an Americanized version of cricket. It is elegant and leisurely, just like cricket. Tension builds up slowly but steadily. Baseball season is from April to October. Baseball is played in an enclosed field.
It's a game between two teams, where the objective is to win by scoring more runs than the opponent at the end of the game. Each team has a starting line-up of nine players, substitutions are allowed, but the player that is being replaced may not reenter the game. A regulation game consists of nine innings in Major League Baseball (MLB). The visiting team bats in the first half of each inning, called the "top of the inning." The home team bats in the second half of each inning, called the "bottom of the inning." An inning continues until the defense gets three outs. There is no time regulation for an inning. If the game is tied in the ninth inning, it goes into "extra innings" and continues until one team holds a lead at the end of an inning.
To score a run, a base runner needs to touch all four bases, in the sequence of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, and finally home base. A batter hits the ball into play and then runs counterclockwise in the above base sequence. The batter tries to reach base either by a hitting the ball or getting walked. A hit occurs when the player hits the ball into the field of play and reaches 1st base before the defense throws the ball to the base, or gets an extra base (2nd, 3rd, or home) before being tagged out. Base runners are safe as long as they touch a base; only one runner is allowed on a base at a time. The granddaddy of all hits is a homerun, which means the batter hit the ball over the outfield wall. If the pitcher throws four balls out of the batter's strike zone, a walk occurs and the player is granted a free passage to first base.
On defense, each time a player is at bat, the pitcher can cause the batter to be out by throwing three strikes, called a strikeout. If the batter hits a pitch, the defense has many ways to make an out. The defense can create a force out by throwing the ball to 1st base before the batter reaches the base, tag out by tagging the base runner while he is not standing on a base, or fly out by catching the ball in the air before it has touched the ground.
2. Basketball
The History of basketball, a game that started with 18 men in a YMCA gymnasium in Springfield, Mass., has grown into a game that more than 300 million people play worldwide. The man who created this instantly successful sport was Dr. James Naismith.
Under orders from Dr. Luther Gulick, head of Physical Education at the School for Christian Workers, Naismith had 14 days to create an indoor game that would provide an...

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