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Sports Franchise Essay

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Today, sports play an important role in the culture of the United States. The local cultures like social systems, religion, manners and traditional practices, values and attitudes, language, and personal interaction are considered as the important factors when expanding the sports franchise across the borders. The U.S. sports franchises must provide good quality products and services in order to gain popularity in international market. Anyhow, this paper will focus on the importance of cultural factors in U.S. sports franchises and their products in international market, and government role in protecting sports industries.
Cultural Factors
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S. sports franchises must adopt domestic culture to impress local citizens. They can make their products more appropriate by constructing a strong sports teams or training individual sports person with a dedication of winning almost every cup or medal in a competition. When that person or team success, the share of the franchise increases in the stock market and the franchise’ can sell their products in domestic and international market. Another best way for franchises to make their products more appropriate in the global market is by organizing different types of sports tournaments in different parts of the world and opening training institutes in other nations. Also franchises can obtain popularity and impress people at international market level through celebrity or famous athlete’s advertisements. (Fass, Allison, 2000).
Government Role in Protecting Industries
To protect the domestic sports franchises, both state and federal government should impose the tariffs on imported products. By doing this the imported products will become more expensive in the domestic market then...

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