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Sports Fans Essay

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Sports Fans
Sports fans are a definitely a different breed of people. When their team or teams are playing their mentality is they better win this game and if they lose its then end of the world and puts a lot of the people in bad moods. This happens on the daily basis. Sports fans thrive for the excitement of the games. The excitement of the games and the atmosphere of the stadium bring them in to a whole different world. The fans that take it the most seriously are definitely soccer, baseball, hockey and football fans the most. The die-hard fans care about every game that is played by their team. Most of the time they will take the hard fought loss as if they are part of the team. ...view middle of the document...

The biggest reason why people and fans love the game of hockey is from all the big hits and fighting because no other sports allow this to happen. On the other hand the game of hockey actual is very fast paced and a lot of movement and action are always taking place and this is exciting part of the game. Another huge part of the game is when the home team scores a goal the whole arena goes crazy, screaming and cheering. Hockey is definitely the most exciting games to watch because, the puck is always moving, there are very little stoppage of play, there is never a shift where someone doesn’t get hit and you are pretty much guaranteed to see at least one fight a game. Fans take pride in their team and make sure they can go to every game possible. When playoff time starts fans are nowhere to be found. They make sure they are home in time to watch the game or at a buddy’s house having a party, don’t expect to see die hard hockey fans for at least two months when playoff hockey is on.
Another huge part of sports fanatics would be Red Sox/Yankee rivalry. These fans are brutal; there is always a fight of some sort in the stands when either team comes to town. Baseball fans love the game because of how un-expecting...

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