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Sports Ethics Essay

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“It’s Isaiah’s hero, it’s not the batman, the superman, and all that stuff like other little boys. It’s Kurt” This is what the mother of 9 year old Isaiah Acosta was noted as saying in a recent ESPN piece on Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kurt Warner. Isaiah Acosta was born without a jaw bone and needs tubes to eat, even to breathe. However, Warner has played a huge part in his life as he continues to give back as much as possible. If Warner represented all of sports, sportscaster and sports writer Howard Cosell may have made a different claim about sports then he did. However, Kurt Warner is only a microcosm of sports. The premise about sport that Cosell ends up making is that ...view middle of the document...

Parents paying extra fees to coaches to help ensure that their child would move up a level were a common occurrence of the absence of ethics. Along with coaches renting out ice for “birthday parties” where they would then hold unofficial as well as illegal team tryouts in the offseason to ensure a superior team during the season.

As an avid fan ESPN’s Bill Simmons articles and internet podcast, I noticed along with discussing what is happening in sports he continually deals with pop culture as well as what goes on behind the scenes as in players lives. One of his most talked about sports is the NBA, and in a recent podcast with his guest, fellow ESPN columnist J.A. Adande, Bill states that the majority of on court NBA scuffles, hard fouls, and trash talk have to deal with gambling dues, and players that have allegedly slept with other players girlfriends. This is another prime example of Cosell’s statement on how sport is an ever spinning spiral of deceit.

After reading Howard Cosell’s statement the moral issue of steroids in professional sports immediately emerges with me. Players taking these performance enhancing drugs are giving themselves a competitive advantage among the other players, this is a direct relation to the defiance of public interest. Steroids in baseball specifically emerged with me; Barry Bonds now holds the record for most home runs although the endless complexity of whether an asterisk should be placed beside his record will live on forever. This is now taunted and definitely helps Cosell’s case on questioning why there is a valid notion that there is good in sports.

The moral...

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