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Sports Drug Abuse Essay

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Sports and Substance Abuse
Amanpreet Sekhon
Under the Direction of Natasha Sessoms, MA
At Unitek College

Sports are becoming more relevant as a major influence in the life of a human. The relationship between drug abuse in sports and society adds a different perspective on how sports effects individuals, and perhaps even society as a whole. Unfortunately, society seems to view ‘winning’ as something which is more important than the game itself. Success in sports brings fame, popularity, and may even impact scholarships and university entrance for many individuals. The societies’ demands and expectations from sports are rising over ...view middle of the document...

To maintain their fitness, they were given diets which were considered beneficial to them. In 100 A.D., “Roman Gladiators use stimulants and hallucinogen to prevent fatigue and injury” (Aziz, Ramlan Abdul - August 2006). Sports have been introduced in society thousands of years ago. No televisions or computers existed at that time, so sports were the primary form of entertainment as well as the pride of a nation or region. “The use of drugs to enhance physical performance has been a feature of human competition since the beginning or recorded history”. (Prokop, 1970; Stauss & Curry, 1987). Cycling has seen an improvement with respect to drug abuse. Since 2004, there has been a reduction of almost 50% ( November 2014).
Interview Analysis
A couple of interviews revealed further insight into this social issue. Drugs can enhance an athlete’s performance as they “allow athletes to become stronger, faster and more physically able to handle endurance” (Marianne C.). However, addiction lingers on as it becomes a part of a behavioral problem. Having artificial role-models, who have been breaking sports records, has a lasting effect on a person who looks up to those role-models (Greg K.).
The Conflict Theory
The Conflict theory adds a perspective to an athlete’s behavior and the logic of wining. According to the textbook, the Conflict Theory tries to explain what kinds of behaviors are deviant or criminal. There are several branches that try to explain this theory. Power Relations emphasizes power as the central factor in defining crime, which another emphasizes the relationship between deviance and capitalism. The third theory focuses on feminist perspectives and the confluence of race, class, and gender issues (Kendal, Diana 2014). Hopefully fair sports produce entertainment in our social environment. However, some conflict and deviation can be expected. Apply the conflict theory to your topic and our societies have grown to become complex and the need to have a competitive advantage. Different groups pursue their interests independently, thus creating dominance over other groups. Poor communities and racial minorities tend to suffer from the higher number of drug uses, even though substance abuse is just as prominent in rich, predominantly white communities. “The common thought is that the poor and minority youths are trying to overcome their economic problems and sense of alienation, thus perpetuating the destructive cycle of drug abuse” (Flamand, Lee; eHow).
Symbolic Interactionism
The Symbolic Interactionist Theory impacts the amateurs and professional athletes as they conform through interaction with others and possible deviance is learned. Based on the textbook, the Symbolic Interactionist Theory focuses on social processes. Deviance is learned through interaction with others. (Kendal, Diana 2014). The Control Theory explains that we develop a social bond in groups and that this group may...

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