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Sports And Drugs Go Hand In Hand

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Ben Johnson, a Canadian, gave a world record time for the 100 meter sprint at 9.79 seconds at the Seoul Olympics. He was given gold, and even sweeter, beat American rival Carl Lewis. In his moment of glory, Johnson was stripped of his gold medal, world record, and banned from competition for two years. Reason? He tested positive for anabolic steroid. Carl Lewis became the world's fastest man. Within 15 years, he was found to have tested positive for the drug test as well. But why should the scandals stop there? From the US track and field cover-ups, to the East Germany government sponsored cheating, drugs and athletes go hand in hand. But why do athletes use the drugs when so many reasons, ...view middle of the document...

There are 3 main drugs used in sports. The most common one, anabolic steroids, is a group of synthetic hormones that help in the storage of protein as well as muscle and bone growth. It is used in virtually any sport that requires strength. When this drug is used too much, the user starts to change gender characteristics. Women become more masculine, growing facial hair and get deepened voices. Though the drug is derived from a male sex hormone, it can trigger the shutdown of the reproductive system. As a result, they also see some gender changes like lack in physical strength and they may start to bald. Another drug, amphetamine, or speed, stimulates the central nervous system causing a feeling similar to the body's adrenaline, only it lasts longer. Speed was once used for weight loss, but is now reserved for limited treatment for ADHD. It can cause audio and visual hallucinations and aggressiveness. A Danish cyclist, Kurt Jensen, died of a heart attack due to an amphetamine overdose. The 3rd common drug used, Human Growth Hormone, or HGH, is commonly used in swimming. HGH stimulates muscle growth and reduces body fat. It also helps recover from strenuous training faster. It has many side effects; the most common enlargement of facial and jaw bones.My second foundation is that the drug users' gain an unfair advantage over the other competitors. If everyone is tested, less people will use drugs to get the advantage. When steroids are used, it can increase muscle mass and strength, and it is obviously cheating. The other drug, amphetamine, is used to boost alertness, and fight fatigue. Being able to hold out longer in endurance competitions is like...

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