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Sport Performance Training Plan Essay

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Sport Development and Performance
Training Plan
Sit Siu Kai Kenny
HKU SPACE Po Leung Kuk Community College
Sport and Recreation Management (Year 1)

Training Plan
Name: Lin Dan
Gender: Male
Age: 28
Sport: badminton
Height: 1.78 m (5 ft 10 in)
Weight: 70 kg (150 lb; 11 st)
Country: China
He is top five badminton player in the world.

Training Stage
It is obviously for performance. The plan will train the athlete to perform on the international games.

Competition Goal
Date of the competition: 27 July 2012
The goal of the athlete is getting the gold medal and fame.
Competition event: (the Olympic game)

We will use Double ...view middle of the document...

We provide some training and running to help him.
Special Preparatory Phase
He must maintain the aerobic power and the endurance and develop anaerobic alactic power and speed endurance by lower volume and higher intensity.
Pre-Competitive Phase
He should develop anaerobic alactic power and speed by high intensity and low volume to increase his performance.
Competitive Phase
We will advise him to keep the aerobic power at the performance level and improve anaerobic alactic power and speed at the maximum level.
Transition Period
We will provide a week for him to recover the body muscle and energy for preparing the game.
Technical Component
General Preparatory Phase
We will enhance Lin‘s basic skills like forehand and backhand, position of the shuttlecock and receiving player by high volume and low intensity.
Special Preparatory Phase
He will keep improving the basic skills.
Pre-Competitive Phase
He needs to develop his footwork skills and smash skills.
Competitive Phase
He should keep developing the footwork skills and smashing skills. at the maximum level.
Transition Period 
We will provide a week for him to recover the body muscle and energy for preparing the game.

Mental Component
General Preparatory Phase
We will develop the goal setting. We will make some advises to Lin like try your best to get the point and avoid to take mistakes during the match. We will teach him to develop emotional control like relaxation technique and attention control.
Special Preparatory Phase
Lin needs to maintain metal concentrate and learning relaxation technique...

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