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Sport England: Segmenting The British Sport Market

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1) Using the full spectrum of segmentation variables, describe how Sports England has segmented the sports market?

In order to understand the British people’s attitudes and motivations about sports, Sport England has built 19 sporting segments all around the United Kingdom to target its customers in the sports market.

In the segmentation process Sport England worked closely with Experian Business Strategies consulting group. Sport England along with the help of the Experian Group analysed data of the English people aged 18 and older. They collected and collated information about specific sports involvement; desire to do sports and the obstacles they faced in doing sports. The analysis ...view middle of the document...

Sport England created a segment profile which identified the largest segments within a 1-,3-,5-,7- and 10- mile straight line buffer of the leisure center. Further the largest segments were then mapped to show the geographic location of these segments which allowed them to localise the market and focus on specific things like information on lifestyles of customers in the Gloucestershire region, the proper community needs of the region. They also identified the dominant segment in each postal code and accordingly produced marketing material targeting at those segments. They identified the areas where the population of children were more and targeted it accordingly with the right marketing techniques.

Another successful Market Segmentation example of the Sport England Group is the work done by its London Group working along with the Fitness Industry Association. Their main aim was to offer free gym membership for young women. They segmented the London market which had a high proportion of young women population. They produced maps which showed the areas with high, average and low presence of these three segments. After studying this the gym m facilities were overlaid.

Sport England has described each of its segments which fall in the context of sporting activities and levels of participation. They have developed a fully rounded picture of each segment which provides them with information towards attitudes, socio demographics, health statistics and marketing communications preferences. The company does not use the same segmentation data and the web tool for each segment, they use it accordingly to the local intelligence and market knowledge.

2) Describe the role that Sport England plays in targeting a segment.

Sport England plays a very significant role in targeting a segment and it is this role which determines how successful it has been in targeting a segment. The company has worked hard immensely and has successfully implemented its programmes. The vision of this company has been of great importance and the benefits of its segmentation policies are already being reaped.

Successful examples of the role played by Sport England in the Segmentation process are the Sport England East Midlands region and the South Gloucestershire Leisure center which all analyzed the information of the surveys conducted by the Sport England Group and accordingly targeted their customer base. With the help of such an initiative the company is encouraging more and more people to participate in sports and making them realise about the importance physical fitness. Their web tool methods and using the media and communication platforms is being one of the most successful ways to target a segment. The company has collaborations with renowned consulting groups like Experian Business Strategies and working with them has provided the company with significant data it needed for targeting various segments within the United Kingdom.

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