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Sport England Essay

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Sport England

Role of National Government

There is a department responsible for policy and funding for all sport, physical recreation and active leisure. They support performers with all sorts of abilities and ensure there is equal provision for all. The main objectives in 1972 by the English Sports Council were to: increase participation, raise standards of performance, increase the quantity and quality of sports facilities and to act as an information centre. In 1996 they transformed into UK sport and they aimed to: support winning athletes, stage high quality events, promote fair play and to represent the UK on the international stage.

Sport Englands Role

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Sport England has implemented many policies and activities to help improve participation this being their primary target. Sport England want to make England the most active and successful nation in the world, they have some notions to help them achieve this goal: increase community participation, build on the success of the England rugby team in the 2003 Rugby World Cup and backing the bid for London 2012 Olympic games to help develop facilities both in quality and quantity. Sport England are always carrying out research to work out how many people are regularly involved in some sort of sport, to do this they surveys and questionnaires. the "Taking Part Survey" does this through the use of 27000 questionnaires.


There are several examples of how these policies are implemented into society for example the UK won the bid to host the Olympic and Paralympic games, this helped the "National Framework for Sport" policy by: making England more active (motivated by seeing the successful British athletes), also made England successful by having a larger than normal amount of athletes participating in the games and winning a numerous amount of medals. The Community Investment Fund grants over 10,000 pounds for projects included within a...

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