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Sport Business Report

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| Faculty of Media, Design & Management |
Assignment Brief |
Module Title: | Intermediate Sport Management | Module Code: | SL501 |
Assignment: | CW2: Sport Business Report | Assessment Weighting: | 40% |
Submission Date: | 21 May 2014 | Feedback Target Date: | 11 June 2014 |
Tutors: | Andrew Rankin / Alan Hockley | | |
This assignment is to be submitted electronically using Blackboard |
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The Assignment Task: |
Write a 2500 word business report evaluating the management of a major commercial sport event: Management of major commercial sport events utilise a business model which is designed to maximise revenues, minimise costs with the net effect of maximising profits. Major revenue sources are generated from event ticket sales, television broadcasting rights and venue agreements; whilst major cost sources are generated from participant salaries, marketing, administration and venue expenses. Management effectiveness, in achieving financial goals, results from the identification, understanding and resolving of business issues and the use of organisational resources in order to do so. Using theoretical and practical examples you should choose and evaluate a major sport event by assessing the effectiveness of management in prioritising and applying the following business disciplines / practices to its event operations: marketing, operations quality and performance, legal and ethical issues, finance, human resources and media.Report Structure and Content: Title and contents page1.0 Executive Summary2.0 Introduction3.0 Discussion4.0 Findings5.0 References6.0 Appendix |
Assessment Criteria |
Report Structure and Content: Title and contents...

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