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Sport Autobiography Essay

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Dust, Sweat, and Millions of Emotions

“On your marks, get set, go!” I used to get such an adrenaline rush from just hearing those six words. It was as if I was going to start running and wouldn’t be able to stop; at times it even felt like I had wings. I had so much energy back then. My childhood days consisted of a lot of sun and sweat with a dash of victory, sometimes even defeat.

In elementary I was shy, docile and always preferred being alone. Never in my life did I imagine that this phase of my life I would learn so much about myself. Elementary school days were probably one of the best times in my whole entire life before and after sport. Team sports in elementary ...view middle of the document...

She asked if I could stay after class and that’s when I got to meet the track and field team, she gave me the opportunity to be in a sport; something that was so new to me. It was such a hard decision to make, I felt like I was being put on the spot in front of all my classmates. With the approval of my mother I was able to join the team. I felt so accomplished and I was proud of myself. I was finally part of something and was not alone anymore. I was not happy all the time like I wanted to. My mother was never there like I had hoped. Every race before I would start advancing to the start line I would scout the crowd for any sight of my mother but every time I would disappoint myself. My mother being absent from my events mad me resent her, a whole new feeling for me. This was the first time I felt disappointment and sadness but not just any kind of sadness. I was sad for a whole different reason than not getting a toy. Nevertheless, I learned to be strong and had my comrade’s support and cheers. Being in a team made me realize that I had competitiveness inside me. It started shaping who I was. I was finding myself because of sport.

Sixth grade was the year where I learned to be afraid of sports. I wasn’t used to many other different people. I never wanted to move out of elementary, I didn’t like change. First day of Athletics I was nervous to what was coming, I didn’t know what to expect. I was hoping for some familiar faces since I hadn’t seen anyone I knew in elementary all morning. I’m the first one to walk in and I feel relieved because I hated getting stared at by complete strangers. The gymnasium seemed so much bigger and it smelled funkier than my old gymnasium at San Carlos. “It was probably because the older you get the more you smell”, I thought. A familiar face walks in. it was the same classmate that started it all and challenged me to my first race. Finally everyone is sitting and the head coach of athletics walks in. He explains the many sports that were in line for the school year. I was very confused because I had never heard of all these sports, all I knew was how to run. We practice a couple of drills that he says will determine what sport we would like to participate but encourages that we try them all. I immediately fell in love with weightlifting because it was like no other sport. To me weightlifting required so much more than leg strength; it required you to be both physically and mentally strong. I also started to develop real muscle strength, had a lot of energy and was always looking forward to my next meal. I learned how to play basketball, soccer, and football through athletics. Football was the first sport I joined because our school didn’t have enough members to make a weightlifting team. I always thought it was dumb seeing all those big men chasing and throwing a ball back and forth, but it required a lot of skill to be able to make plays and make a touchdown. Sports required so much...

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