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Sport And School Essay

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It is believed that by playing a sport or engaging in sport related activates at school, students may build strong personalities and can help improve their physical fitness. These sport activities can also lead to positive educational and social values. Participating in sports can help children and young adults become more responsible, self-motivated, and even disciplined. Skills such as anger-management, attitude control and time management are also learned over time if consistently dedicated at a sport. With the new advances to technology, many children and young adults become addicted to computers, the internet and social networks. When getting involved in a sport, children are able to ...view middle of the document...

For example every game or sports has its own sets of rules. A child has to follow the rules in order to be successful. Without the rules the game is going to be dysfunctional. When playing a sport, its gives the opportunity for children and young adults to to be able to lead and be lead. Sports help bring out the qualities of leadership. When it comes to respect, sports teach the value of having respect towards the coach, the referees, and most importantly teammates. Without respect the team would not be able to work together. Respects also schools children on having not only respect during the game but also at home , at school and just towards everyone else.
Sports teaches preparation. For example to win a game, heavy training and planning is needed because they do say “practice makes perfect”. For example if a child has to practice his shooting for basketball because he’s just is not doing something right, with time and practice he will be able to shoot the ball without a problem. Another example is what if a baseball player is not able to hit a curve ball? The baseball player will practice and with time will be able to hit a...

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