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Sport And Physical Activity In Australian Society

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Sport and Physical Activity in Australian Society


Part 1
Australian Sporting Identity

For many Australians, sport is more than just a hobby, but a way of life. Sport has the ability to unite a community, a state or even a country. As seen from the above photograph, Rugby League’s State of Origin series is an example of an event that promotes regional identity. There is great rivalry between both NSW and QLD and supporter loyalty is fiercely exhibited as seen from the above photograph. Even players are honoured when they get the opportunity to represent their state and their regional identity is showcased through the way they play the game. There is an abundance of ...view middle of the document...

Queenslanders have bragging rights and NSW supporters are adamant that one day victory will be theirs. The game of State of Origin is built upon toughness and resilience and a sense of never giving up has been created as part of the NSW identity.
As grasped from the above image, supporters exhibit their support through merchandise. All supporters in the image are linking themselves to their regional sporting identity. This again provides a sense of unity and belonging.
The media, by providing coverage and commentary have played a vital role in producing Australian sporting heroes and in promoting Australian sporting success. Players such as Wally Lewis and Darren Lockyer will never be forgotten. Fans have a sense of identity with these players as they have led their state to victory.
Government funding has also played a role in creating regional identity through sporting achievement. Government funding has been directed to developing athletes for the purpose of enhancing the profile of the state and the nation, rather than that of the individual. Many sporting heroes have been created through schemes such as this and have led their states to victory. Hence each time a player is seen, supporters will link them to their sense of regional identity and have great respect for them.
Overall, the State or Origin series puts a fire in the belly of supporters and their regional identity is showcased. As seen from the image above, the State of Origin links individuals together for a common purpose. The image shows supporters showcasing their identity through cheering together, supporting their state. State of Origin is a great series that creates regional identity.

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Sport as a commodity
Sport has changed over the years from being a leisure pursuit to now being a large business venture. Sport is now a vast industry with many financial opportunities. Many individuals and businesses have found various ways to exploit the chances that popular sport provides. An article that highlights how sport is now a big business and commodity is an article titled ‘Top Companies Back a Winner’. The article describes how the Melbourne Cup is not only a race, but a money-making event.
Firstly, sponsorship is a factor that has commoditised the Melbourne Cup. Corporate sponsorships of the spring carnival as mentioned in the article “can...

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