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Split Personalities Playing A Roll In Film

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Split personalities and secret identities have always played a major part in the characters of pulp fiction and film. They present themselves as polar opposites of what their lives truly are, which, in actuality are cold-blooded killers or hired hitmen. They must portray themselves as completely different people in order to accomplish their goal. The two lives work against each other, however, one haunting the other while the other one begins to be consumed with guilt or new feelings. The characters cannot survive with two identities and this ultimately leads to the demise of many of them. Throughout the books we have read and the films we have viewed these two-faced characters begin the ...view middle of the document...

After they commit the murder Lola Nirdlinger, Phyllis's stepdaughter, tells Huff about Phyllis's mysterious past, about how Phyllis killed Lola's mother. Soon it becomes clear that she was just using Huff to murder her husband and everything that she said before were all lies. Phyllis makes a fool of Huff by tricking him into loving her and then after the murder is done she runs off with Nino. Phyllis acts sweet and feeble to get Huff to help her kill her husband so she could get away and they could be together, but in reality she is just a cold blooded killer looking for her next victim.There may in fact be two sides to Huff as well. He is quick to help kill Phyllis's husband as if he was waiting for any excuse to let out the criminal inside of him. It is not Phyllis who comes up with the perfect plan to murder her husband, but instead Huff. He meticulously arranges the murder and the best way to scam his own insurance agency. "You think I'm nuts? All right, maybe I am. But you spend fifteen years in the business I'm in, maybe you'll go nuts yourself." (23, DI). Huff sees the insurance agency as just one big gambling wheel. After all he's seen and done while he's been working there he feels that he is obligated to do this, all he needed was a push out the door. In the film, directed by Billy Wilder, we see climb into the back of Phyllis's car with Mr. Nirdlinger in front. When Phyllis gives him the signal, without hesitation Huff grabs him by the neck and kills him, as if he'd done it dozens of times before.Savage Night, by Jim Thompson, tells the tale of diminutive contract killer Carl Bigelow, a.k.a. Charles "Little" Bigger, as he goes to the small college town of Peardale. Carl is hired by 'The Man' to assassinate key witness Jake Winroy and make it look like and accident. For Carl to carry out these orders he must pose as a college student boarding at the Winroy residence, but during his stay, he becomes romantically involved with two women, Jake's wife, Fay, and the invalid Ruthie, who works for the Winroys and also attends the town college. As Carl patiently sets up the murder of Jake Winroy, his mind becomes consumed with paranoia. He doesn't know whom he can trust and who also may be working for the man watching over him.Charles Bigger is five feet tall, wears contacts, false teeth, and suffers from tuberculosis, yet somehow he has managed to become one the most notorious hitmen and not gotten caught. That is because at first glance he is the last person you would ever suspect of such a thing. He is a smooth talker and looks much younger than he is which allows him to pass as someone else to get the job done. Little Bigger transforms himself into Carl Bigelow, a young college student who moves into the Winroy residence. Carl must make Jake's death look like an accident so he must first get a good reputation with the townspeople. He befriends old man Kendall, who turns out to be a genuine friend and father figure, and he gets on good...

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