Spirituality And Adult Learning Essay

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Marshall R. Chafee
INFT 101

The Article I selected focuses on how spirituality influences adult learning. There is often some confusion between "spirituality" and" religion." Generally, spirituality is described as an individuals personal experience with the sacred, that can be experienced anywhere. Religion, on the other hand is often described as an organized community of faith. (Tisdell, 2008). Spirituality has had an important influence on adult education throughout history. There are four primary ways spirituality influences adult learning. The first way states that many adult learning professors have had a career in ministry, at some point (Tisdell, 2008). ...view middle of the document...

It's important to keep in mind that people construct knowledge in powerful ways through spiritual experience that leads to further development. There is power in trying to engage people in spiral learning opportunities that draw on multiple realms of being, including the rational; the affective; and the symbolic, imaginal, and spiritual domains (Tisdell, 2008).
Spirituality plays a bigger role in everyone’s lives than most think, even those that are agnostic or atheist. Though it is not something that many think about consciously spirituality, not religion, is an underlining factor that will dive humans in their education in one form or another. I can say for myself that I can see how spirituality has guided me to choose my life, my choice in a career, choosing the college I did, and choosing how to raise my kids. I also see it in my studies, how I address a problem; how I handle things I don't understand at first. The influence that God has had on me has been beyond words and I can truly say that I wouldn't trade His influence for anything else. I believe everything spiritual is an education, even when we say that the spiritual experience is just and experience of creativity or a deep connection.

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