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Spiritual Needs Assessment Essay

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Spiritual Needs Assessment
According to Potter and Perry (2009), one’s awareness of inner self and having a sense of connection to a higher being is the meaning of spirituality. Spirituality is a force that provides a person with intrinsic energy that promotes and enhances their well-being. It also helps a person achieve the balance needed to cultivate a positive life and to cope with everyday life stressors (Potter & Perry, 2009). Florence Nightingale believed that spirituality within a healing hospital environment, and caring for an individual’s spiritual needs is just as important as caring for their physical needs (Potter & Perry, 2009). Spiritual assessment is defined as the process ...view middle of the document...

The acronym FICA stands for Faith and Belief, Importance, Community and Address in Care. This model, during a time of unfamiliarity about the patient’s spiritual belief, will provide the basis for an organized, and open non-biased assessment (Puchalski, 2000).
This author completed a spiritual needs assessment on Mr. Oliver, a 74 old neighbor who was recently discharged from a local hospital after having lung surgery due to cancerous lung nodule diagnosis. The following spiritual assessment, following the FICA model, demonstrates questions and answers (Q&A) (M. Oliver, personal communication, August 10, 2014):
1) Q: What is your faith or belief?
A: “I am a practicing, and have been all my life, a Seventh-day Adventist. And remember my faith is a Protestant Christian denomination”
Q: What things do you believe in that give meaning in your life?
A: “Of course it is my loving wife, my three children, and now several grandchildren. I am blessed by God with such love. God gives me meaning in life, if it wasn’t for him and for my faith, I would be a lost soul. And of course to be interviewed by my neighbor on my faith gives meaning to my existence.”
2) Q: What importance does your faith or belief have in your life?
A: “It has great importance. If I didn’t go to church every Saturday, I would feel at a loss and I would have no meaning in my daily activities. My whole family attends church as a family. Then of course when I and the wife go on vacation, I am okay with missing church. God does believe in rest.”
Q: How have your beliefs influenced your behavior during this illness?
A: “Funny you ask that question. After I found out I had a cancer of the lung, I became angry with God and questioned why did this happen to me. Several weeks before surgery I was very angry and did not attend church. Then I realized that God does have a plan and I better start acting like an apostle of God. God sure did affirm my belief in his plan after my doctor told me all cancer was removed and I will have a normal life moving forward.”
Q: What role do your beliefs play in regaining your health?
A: I believe praying and attending church will help me recover from surgery and stay cancer free. I pray every morning and during lunch time with my wife. Prayer is very powerful for me.”
3) Q: How about people and your spiritual community? Who is important to you?
A: “I attend the Seventh-day Adventist church of Frisco. Since we are still considered a new and upcoming city, we don’t have a large congregation. But we worship and celebrate together like a family. And family is very important to my spiritual needs, this is my immediate family and friends at church. They are a great support system for me”
4) Q: How would you like your health care provider to address your health issues in your healthcare? How would you like me as your neighbor help you with your health?
A: “I want an environment of trust from my health care team....

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