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Spiritual Metamorphosis Essay

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The Spiritual Metamorphosis

The chapter explains the changes in religious attitudes during the second and the third centuries. It describes the hardship the Christians experienced in the second and third centuries.
The Romans had many gods, and they had their executive deities. The Greek and the Romans had parallel gods with different names. An example is Jupiter identical to Juno and Minerva correspondent to Athena in Greek (216:2). None of these gods claimed single domination on truth and individuals were allowed to serve several of them at the same time. The worship of these gods increased loyalty of different groups of people and not a lot of people ...view middle of the document...

The first generation of Christians experienced the beginning of an important process where by Judeo-Christian was modified and enriched through contact with Graeco-Roman culture. Some of the apostles were therefore, influenced by Greek and some kept their practice strictly to the frame work of Judaism (220:7).
A religious philosopher, Philo Judaeus worked tremendously on resolution of the biblical revelation and the Greek philosophy. He developed a figurative for the old testament that was to influence both Jewish and Christians thought across the centuries. The Christian philosophers were not pleased that their religion was considered a charming falsehood, so they argued an existence of a single God and the significance of living a moral life (222:15). The arguments took place for a while. Some groups argued that Jesus was not human and was not part of the trinity. Another groups argued that he was fully human and fully divine, and he was a co equal member if the holy trinity. He was on earth in form of human when he suffered and died as the man Jesus.
Although the Christians never submitted to the worshiping of the pagan gods, they listened to what the pagan worshippers had to say and learned a lot from them. They did this because they were willing to get there...

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