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Spiritual Gifts Paper

630 words - 3 pages

Lloyd Shaw
CHMN 201
May 27, 2013
Spiritual Gifts Paper

PART ONE: What are your top two spiritual gifts? Do you agree with the results? Why or Why not? My top two spiritual gifts are; Evangelist, Pastor/Shepherd. I agree with the results because as a small boy growing up in Tennessee, I use to see how my father carried himself as a minister for God and I wanted to be just like him when I grew up. My father use to travel from town to town preaching the gospel to everyone and eventually became pastor of a Church. At the age of 40 God called me to preach and I love it very much. As I continue on this Christian journey, I pray that God will lead me where I can be used by God to help people daily. There is, no better gifts than the gifts from God. I truly love telling people about Him.
PART TWO: Specifically, how can you use your gifts ...view middle of the document...

My gift of evangelism can be used for: calling on visitors in Church; neighborhood witnessing; distributing tracts; serve on Evangelism Committee; create an opportunity or ministry for the gift. Pastor/Shepherd is used only once in the New Testament. Usually when a person thinks of the term “pastor” they think of an ordained minister who is spiritually over a local congregation. Jesus Christ is called the “Great Shepherd in 1Peter 5:4. The shepherd nurtures the sheep, protects them from the wolves and other animals, feeds them, heals them, and is responsible for their overall care. Similarly the pastor is responsible for taking care of his congregation. This gift can be used not only as an ordained minister but also as, a Sunday school teacher, a spiritual group leader, elder, and deacon. Spiritual gifts can be misused in a number of ways such as; for personal use, by being exercised in the power of the flesh, pride, exalted above the giver, projecting your gift onto others, counterfeiting the gifts by the flesh and satanic forces, and positioning the gifts in ways that are not warranted by the Scriptures.
PART THREE: What were your two lowest gifts? Do you agree or disagree? My two lowest gifts were giving and administration. I disagree with giving because I love to give. I’m a person who will give my last to help someone in need and also I love giving to God. I agree with administration.
PART FOUR: What impact does this knowledge have on your involvement in ministry? The knowledge that I received from the analysis, I will use to help me find my place in ministry. I received valuable information on my strengths and weaknesses as related to my spiritual gifts, and also on my dominant and secondary gifts as well which will have a great impact on my life. Also, I discovered areas where I am gifted to be more effective in, which in turn will help me to excel.

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