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Spiritual Aspects Of Counseling Essay

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Paul Muth
Spiritual Principles and their applications to counseling and to career counseling

I live by certain spiritual principles and as I reflected on this paper, these are the same five I come back to. Where I read them, where I am quoting, who said them is a mystery because I’ve been exposed to so much. Rather than memorize a verse or saying, I try to internalize and make it part of me. I’m sure I am not one of the great prophets of the universe that gets hit with these revelations to move a million or a burning bush. I’m not at all sure I haven’t been one of the chosen who has seen the pits of hell right here on earth and the way out. So, that way out has become my spiritual path. ...view middle of the document...

Make the direct amends. No, I don’t believe that somewhere there is a ledger with my gold stars and black burn marks. Now, that said, I am not saying that I am not a kind of fallen angel that is on a mission, because as you will see from principle three, I can’t lie. I do follow the letter of the law according to ethical standards as I trudge along. Others have helped out so much by drawing up these boundaries. I care about people. Plain and simple. Not really happy about these gifts of empathy and discernment, because the insight is scary sometimes and again, and other principles make me have to weigh out what I should say. They are, however, wonderfully applied to counseling and career counseling. My insights may provide the “Ah Ha” moment, and then I exclude myself. Message passed.
That was at 10 years old. The truth began to flow from my lips in my 40’s after a first run showing from 1985to 1995. When the whole God thing was happening, so I suppose honesty showed up when I grew up to handle it. Sometimes a big responsibility when combined with the other principles. Can’t be honest just to hurt you, or to be just nasty, or to save what little butt I have left. I will say it to free another man if that’s possible, although I’m sure it’s more about experience strength and hope. That’s all I truly have to give anyone.
Number four is Mythical in its magnitude. If I am to fall 6 times, I must get up 7. You can drool over the deepness of that gem, or just laugh because what else is new? However, I have seen too many quit too easy, to the point of the life preserver is hitting them in the head while they drown. I don’t waste my time on granting you the soldier crown or label your personality as hearty, but I will help my clients see THAT. The empowering reality of not quitting, of the big come back, of heroes and mortals being one decision...

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