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Spinal Surgeries Essay

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Spinal surgeries
Of all the spinal surgeries, Spinal Fusion is the most popular and most sought out treatment for back pain problems. One of the reasons for wide acceptance of Spinal Fusion procedure was may be due to the fact that the procedure doesn’t involve removal of any body part unlike Spinal Discectomy or Laminectomy. While the Fusion procedure is an improvement and better alternative over the other two for back problems, it still is a medical procedure with significant risk. The patient may lose the ability to walk in some conditions and it’s a very expensive procedure.
Rate of Spinal surgeries
Increase in the rate of Spinal Fusion procedure may be attributed to the incentive ...view middle of the document...

This is a cause for the bad practice of surgery.
However, according to NIH Public Access report, the rates of lumbar surgeries is considerably higher than the national average in the hill terrain areas like Idaho, and Montana and very less in plain areas like New York, Manhattan. These rates correlate to the physical stress experienced by people due to geographic conditions. This data shows that surgery is done only where patients have back problems and surgery is needed. But, the count always includes the unnecessary surgeries too, which is bad. On a positive note, the rate is correlated to the geographic conditions.
The following steps might reduce the number of spine surgeries:
Prevention is always better than cure
One of the main factors that attribute to the raise in the number of spine surgeries is the lack of patient’s awareness of risks involved in surgery. This can be reduced by proper education to the patient and explain all the risks involved with the surgery and the advantages of going through non-surgical medication, lifestyle changes, and therapy.
Most of the age related problems are due to lifestyle. Many are genetic, which are unavoidable, but most can be avoided by proper diet, exercise, and active lifestyle. US Government should take the initiative to educate people about the benefits of having an active lifestyle and reduce the need for surgical procedure in aging population.
More restrictions and process improvements on insurance
USA has one of the best healthcare acts and is home for some of the best insurance companies in the world. While this is very good for the wellbeing of Americans, it’s also the worst cause for patients to undergo expensive surgeries even if not needed. It’s important for insurance companies to add more meaningful restrictions on the coverage and improve the...

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