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Spice Industry Essay

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Out of the 109 spices listed by the ISO, India produces as many as 75 in its various agro climatic regions. India accounts for about 45% (2, 50,000 tons-2002-03) of the global spice exports, though exports constitute only some 8% of the estimated annual production of spices at 3.2 million tons (2002). Over all, spices are grown in some 2.9 million hectares in the country. Spice production in India, as much of the agriculture in the country, is undertaken in millions of tiny holdings and determine the livelihood of large number of the rural population.
Spices exports have registered substantial growth during the last one decade. It has increased from 203398 tonnes valued MLN ...view middle of the document...

Exports during June 2008 also registered increase with an export of 44,690 tonnes of spices valued Rs.446.73 crores (104.33 million US $) as against 38,960 tonnes valued Rs.382.77 crores (93.90 million US $) in June 2007. The major items exported during June 2008 are Chilli, Cumin, and Mint products, Spice Oils & Oleoresins, Pepper and Coriander.

During Apr-June 2008, the export of Cardamom (Large), chilli, turmeric, coriander, cumin, fenugreek, garlic, other miscellaneous seeds, vanilla, curry powder, spice oils & oleoresins and mint products are higher in terms of both quantity and value as compared to the same period of last year. In the case of export of spices like Pepper, Cardamom (Small), celery and other miscellaneous spices have shown increase in value terms only. However, exports of ginger, fennel and nutmeg & mace have declined both in terms of quantity and value as compared to last year.

During April-June 2008, a quantity of 7,550 tonnes of pepper valued Rs.126.23 crores was exported as against 8,600 tonnes valued Rs.121.58 crores of last year. The average export price of Pepper has gone up from Rs.141.37 per kg in 2007 to Rs.167.19 per kg in 2008.

During the period, 67,000 tonnes of chilli valued Rs.333.53 crores was exported as against 57,625 tonnes valued Rs.321.36 crores of last year, registering an increase of 16 per cent in quantity and four per cent in value terms. The traditional buyers of Indian chilli viz. Malaysia, Indonesia and Sri Lanka continued their buying this year also. In addition to this, Pakistan was also very active in the market. The mandatory quality testing of chilli and chilli products by the Board has also helped India to achieve this higherlevel of export in chilli.

The export of Cumin has shown an increase of 280 per cent in quantity and 253 per cent in value terms as compared to last year. The reported crop failure in other major producing countries viz. Syria, Turkey and Iran helped India to achieve this higher level of export in Cumin.

The export of value added products like Curry powder, spice oils & oleoresins and mint products have shown substantial increase both in terms of quantity and value as compared to last year. During April-June 2008, a total quantity of 3,375 tonnes of curry powder valued Rs.36.27 crores has been exported as against 2,545 tonnes valued Rs.23.53 crores of last year. During April-May, the export of spice oils and oleoresins has been 2,150 tonnes valued Rs.204.61 crores as against 1,605 tonnes valued Rs.131.35 crores of last year.

Against the export target of 425,000 tonnes valued Rs.4, 350.00 crores (US$ 1025.00) for the year, the achievement of 148,550 tonnes valued Rs.1375.05 crores (US$ 329.60 million) up to June 2008 is 35 per cent in quantity and 32 per cent in both dollar and rupee terms of value.

Spices industry

India produces 2.5 million tonne to 3 million tonne of spices annually. India produces spices of different categories worth around...

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