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Speech On The Themes And Components Of Shakespeare's "Othello"

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Othello, as we know is the “tragic Hero” and it is at this point of the play that we understand the extent in which his “tragic flaw” has been manipulated into this tortured emotional state. It is believed that Othello’s flaw is his excessive pride also known as Hubris.The repetition in the opening line “It is the cause, it is the cause” can emphasize two different points. Either that Othello is certain in his plans to murder Desdemona and is attempting to add weight and dignity to his cause OR that he is initially still unsure of his motives and is struggling to persuade himself to commit the act. Either way, both interpretations highlight the twisted ...view middle of the document...

He thus convinces himself that he is not committing a murder but a sacrifice. Many feminists regard his rationale “Else she’ll betray more men” as a remarkable instance of a male-dominated perspective of female sexuality, presenting the patriarchal values of Shakespeare’s time.Othello’s internal conflict is shown through the seemingly contradictory statements he makes such as “So sweet was ne’er so fatal” and “this sorrow’s heavenly - it strikes where it doth love”. They all represent the paradox of the extremity of Othello’s love driving him to commit an act of murderous hatred.Now there are disagreements on where the pathos lies in this scene. Some argue that sympathy must be felt towards Othello, after all he is the tragic hero, and all his actions were a result of external manipulations beyond his control. However others believe this scene is the turning point where Othello ceases being “the victim” and guiltily murders his wife and the pathos should now be directed towards Desdemona, the tragic wife and the only truly innocent victim.The exploration of Love within this soliloquy develops many aspects of Othello and Desdemona’s...

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