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Speech Of Gratitude Speech

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Speech of Gratitude
Peejay Arbado ?:-)>~

To our honorable guest speaker, Ms. Ruchira Mehrotra; our Campus President, Mr. Neil Bernardo; our College Dean, Dr. Rosario Golla; our Program Facilitator, Ms. Analiza Tadena; the members of the faculty; our beloved parents; friends; guests; fellow graduates. Ladies and gentlemen, I greet you all good evening.

It was not long ago when our journey began as college students, where we came to dream of a bright future ahead of us. We took entrance and scholarship exams; college interviews. We thought of what would be the best course to take, where to enroll, who are the people we will meet, what would be the future ahead of us. We all did ...view middle of the document...

Competitions, seminars, and special events added more flavor to our stay. We began to search ourselves and express ourselves in different ways, different aspects, and different perspectives. With enough confidence, we seek the challenges ahead of us and pursued to ourselves that we can do it. We began to search our own greatness, in big and small things that we can do.

Amidst our every struggle, we also began to endure different battles and hardships. We did feel pain, stress, depression, anxiety, grief, frustrations, fear, and anger. We suffered through conflicts and miscommunications. But all of these made us stronger, tougher, and readier for the responsibilities and tasks ahead of us. We began to accept our own imperfections that made us accept others in open arms, and that made a huge difference and stronger bonds.

Through all these years, from the first step we took at the start of this journey to this day, finishing this chapter of our lives, we have so many things to be glad and so many people to be thanked of.

To the administrators of STI College Tanay, for the entrusting us different opportunities that enabled us to develop and be ready for our everyday undertakings, thank you. I am very thankful that you entrusted me with opportunities that helped me become a better individual.

To our professors, thank you for being mentors, advisers, friends, organizers, and parents. Thank you for allowing us to be a part of this family. Thank you for being a family. Thank you for helping us at times of troubles, for bearing with us in times of need, for reminding us in times of doubt, for supporting us in every task we took part. For being a part of our lives, I can proudly say that our professors here are the most remarkable group of people we have ever known, and we will never forget these people wherever we go. For me, they are one of the greatest. So, thank you for being one of the greatest influences to our lives today.
To our beloved parents and families, congratulations for giving your all-out support to us, for the guidance in our decisions, and for clearing our paths so we can be here today. You have done a great job. Thank you for believing in us, and for helping us believe in ourselves. Thank you for everything. Without you, we will never be here, and we will never enjoy this momentous event.

To my scholarship grant benefactors, Former Senator Ramon Magsaysay, Jr. and Governor Jun Ynares, thank you for helping me...

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