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Speech Fairytale

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Snow White and the 10 planks of confidence
“Hello my name is meera, im allison, and im fayha and we will be presenting the 10 planks of confidence through the story of snow white and the 7 dwarfs”

Narrator: Once upon a time in the depths of the Planko Forest, a long lost princess makes her way to an isolated cottage in the middle of the forest. As she approaches the small house hoping to find help, she notices a bright light and hears a cry for help. She peers through the window and sees a strange image.
Witch: “You dwarfs haven't been very loyal, so for that I take away any memories you have of yourselfs. See if you can find your way out of this.” [witch gestures hands in a spell like movement]
[witch leaves]
Narrator: Confused Snow White slowly makes her way into the cottage
Snow White: “Hello? Is anyone there?” [walks around the class slowly, looking around]
Narrator: She stumbles upon a group of small people
Snow ...view middle of the document...

Dwarf 1: and your name is Notsia you stand for notes
Narrator: Notes: your there as a guide for speeches. You will be the outline
Snow White: your name is Fuenly it stands for friendliness.
Narrator: Friendliness: you convey warm, friendly attitude, smile and get them to laugh
Dwarf 1: your name is Impy it stands for impression
Narrator: impression: you build confidence and grab the audiences attention
Snow White: and your name is Didi it stands for dedication
Narrator: Dedication: you research, write, and practice. You practice for an interview and your prepared
Dwarf 1: your name is empho it stands for empathy
Narrator: Empathy: your aware of your audiences feelings and you let everyone know that were all in this together
Snow White: your name is Newkey it stands for newness
Narrator: newness: your a confident communicator that gives their audience new information
Dwarf 1: and your name is conic for conviction
Narrator: conviction: you believe in what you say you don't back down in what you believe
Snow White: lastly your name is entho it stands for enthusiasm
Narrator: Enthusiasm: you smile, exude confidence and draw in your audience
Snow White: have we named all of your friends? [she looks at dwarf 1]
Dwarf 1: yes! Thank you! Now we all have names!
[snow white and dwarf 1 hug and walk to the back of the room]
Narrator: As Snow White and contenta finish naming the dwarfs the witch's bird comes back to check on the dwarfs and sees them with their memory back. He hurries back to inform the witch that her spell hasn't worked
Bird: there's a girl in the cottage!! She's given the dwarfs names and their memory back!
Witch: what?! Why do people always mess up my plans!
[witch comes back]
Witch: what is this?? You dwarfs are not supposed to have names!
Snow White: your reign is over witch, I've given the dwarfs their identity back and you can't do anything about it
[snow white throws candy on the witch and he melts]
Witch: noooo! Not chocolate!! My greatest weakness!
Snow White: hooray!! The witch is gone!
[snow white holds snap poster]
Narrator: and everyone lived happily ever after!
Thank you for your time [everyone bows]

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