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Speech About Bullying

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“Son, what’s the matter?” “Nothing mom, I’m just tired!” “Really? You look like you’re unhappy!” “Chill Mom, It’s nothing!” “But…” “I Don’t want to talk right now, OK!”. This is how it sounds when a boy is being bullied. Bullying is bad, you can hurt people, however some say it’s awesome, being better than the other. The relationship between a bully and a victim is very unpleasant. One thinks that the world turns around him, but the victim feels down and could get trauma. But why do those bullies bully? And would they know what the consequences are?

Some people can get trauma’s from bullying, because sometimes the bullying is more than words. Like, when someone has bought a new CD, and some bullies of his school walk pass him. he hopes they walk on, but they don’t. They stop and stand around him. one guy tells him to hand over his CD. He doesn’t, ...view middle of the document...

I, me and myself have had some bullies at primary school who bullied me. They bullied me, because I had red hair, was smart and maybe a little bit fat. I personally didn’t like that. So one day it was enough and I hit someone in the face and… well that’s not important. The fact is that bullies are jealous about the victim. They don’t like it when people are better than them.

Now I told you about the bad sides of bullies, but they don’t bully out of nothing. For example, when the bully has been abused at home. Like, he has been kicked at home by his dad. He cries in his room and wants to hurt him, but he knows he will lose. So he will try to seek a person from who he can win and won’t strike back. That’s when a bully is “made. So he doesn’t feel comfortable and is scared. At school, or at an sports club, the bully wants to release it’s frustration. They want to feel better than at home. But what they don’t know is that they hurt people and, like I already mentioned, trauma’s.

It’s my passion to, just as my father with his company, stop aggression within bullying. I know that I can’t stop bullies, but if people, like you, would stop bullying and be friends than the number of victims would drop. But if you really have a problem or you’re being bullied you should tell people who could help you, keeping problems inside is always bad.

What could also could help is that schools stand still about bullying, like here at the Alfrink College. They have a special moment of the year in which people are told what bullies do, and what they could improve about their social behavior. This moment is good for victims AND bullies, because now the bullies know what they do and ,when it’s very effective, even would stop with what they’re doing. Our school also tries to stop racism, or at least lower it to a minimum amount.

So bullies bully people because they’re jealous of their victim or frightened of their home situation. They don’t know what they cause. So I would say, ‘Help me to stop bullying and let a life live as it should live’.

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