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Jasmine Johnson

The Advantages and disadvantages of using the internet
Attention Getter: USA population is more than three hundred fifth teen Million, out of 315 million more than 200 million are using the internet. That’s more than half of the population
Purpose: To inform my audience on the advantages and disadvantages of the internet.
Thesis statement: Although internet may cause many distractions (chaos should I say) the internet is important we rely on it as a resource in our everyday lives

Preview: I will discuss the major reasons internet is so important and the soggy side effects it has on us

(Too start off I would like to talk about the light side of internet)
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and to make clear in order to confirm my information for this speech I relied on Buzzled.com, Yahoo.com , and Google especially
2. The whole idea of homeschooling has increased due to the expansion of internet services, the fact of having access of teachers giving lectures, demonstrating certain concepts through email; as well as teachertube.com has made homeschooling acceptable to a lot of people
C. Subpoint: (Entertainment) Internet has provided a way to view things that we enjoy as well
1. Music and videos , for inspiring artist you may find a beat or too that you enjoy listening to with your lyrics on youtube, although there are many other websites youtube has become an international use for sharing entertainment ,
2. Exploring a different lifestyle ; the internet has many ways of showing people different things about oneself , you can do anything from researching to that big swing on changing your career , as far as fame comes many people have been discovered through the internet

(Transition: There’s nothing wrong with surfing the web, but we don’t always recognize the downfall and I will discuss that now)
Second main point: being that where so comfortable using the internet we tend to do too much while using it in which is not good on the other hand
Subpoint: the use of internet for banking, social networking and other services sometimes makes our personal information vulnerable to theft.
1. There is no particular way for any online service to know whose really who if the person has all your information in tact
Subpoint: Not to mention the types of images it creates in people minds are not always positive
1. The internet as well as media in general has a way of promoting discrimination; prejudice and racial things, for instincts I seen a cartoon that only contained 4 words that not everybody would have found funny , I was even insulted
2. It’s the perfect way to spend every dime on your credit card, online shopping has not only increased over the years but...

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