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Special Needs Children Essay

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Literature Review
August 06, 2012
Dr. Elizabeth Thompson

Literature Review
Special needs individuals are not different from everyone they just need a little extra help along their way. This population has to have mediation because there are many who cannot speak for themselves. They need the help from a neutral person so that they can discuss complications that they may be dealing with without judgment. Advocacy is a necessity too because that individual needs a person to stand by their side and help them fight for what is right. In todays society people only care about themselves. This hinders those that ...view middle of the document...

There is also a Special Education Advocacy within the United States. Their primary goal is to help parents navigate the special education web as well as helping the children learn that they are not different from others (Special Education Advocacy, 2012). They have been helping parents with the negotiation process since 1998 (Special Education Advocacy, 2012). Although, these programs are from different parts of the world it shows that those with special needs can benefit by having an advocate and mediator involved.
Educational Options LLC assist families in finding boarding schools and programs for troubled or struggling teens. They state that they “will work hand in hand with you to find safe, effective and helpful programs/school for your child” (Internet Special Education Resourses, 2010). They also help the schools and parents find a way so that their child can attend that school or program. Educational Options LLC also helps the child and parent decide what is best for the both the child and parent. Mediation and advocacy is about helping others, and this organization is dedicated to helping the parents of special needs children as well as the child.
Volunteers of America have programs all over the world helping those in need. They offer “mediation training classes as well as a variety of mediation services for families, businesses, and more” (Volunteers of America Northern New England, 2012). Staff and dedicated volunteers help to ensure the social, emotional, and academic growth of young children. For the older youth they help them become physically, emotionally, and mentally healthy and ready to enter adulthood...

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