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Special Education Teaching Philosophy Essay

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Katherine Fox My Teaching Philosophy

The elementary age is a crucial time in students’ lives as this is when they are exposed to classroom learning for the first time. It is at this period when most students form their opinions on school which, typically, last their whole school careers. Teachers play a vital role in forming this outlook. I believe this because of my younger brother, Drew. He has never liked school, and school was a constant struggle for him, my mother, and my father. Drew’s dislike for school began in the first grade when he had a teacher who told him he was stupid. Throughout the whole school year all she did was put him down. Unfortunately Drew did not get officially ...view middle of the document...

I will always be aware that no two students are the same and that each student has individual academic ability and achievement levels as well as individual strengths and needs. I will do my best to remain in step with the continuing and changing needs of my students. Compared to the regular classroom teaching, special education teachers are faced with a different kind of challenge. I will need to adapt to specific and special needs of my students. Children who have some disability in terms of some physical challenge or limited reasoning powers and conceptual ability need special aids and demand specific teaching skills for effective understanding. Because of this, special education teachers need to be emotionally and mentally prepared to provide a sufficient amount of support to the child. As a future severe special education teacher, I need to have good communication skills to remain open to parents and other teachers to achieve these goals. Parental involvement is vitally important as well as the collaboration of other facets of the education setting. I believe it is important for me to help students attain individual learning goals. The knowledge I want each student to attain will vary based on their grade level, ability and achievement level, as well as the goals set forth in each student’s individualized education plan. When working with the elementary age, my main concern will be that of communication, and we will work daily on learning and understanding words. It is also very important for special needs children to get fine motor skills along with sensory activities. One active I would do is to begin the day with circle time. This is where

everyone will sit on the rug, and I will play “Twinkle, Twinkle Little Star.” If the students are able they can sing along as the lyrics will be written on a special white board. Then one-by-one I will call on the students and see if they can read the words. The weekly vocabulary will include some of these words. I once had a special needs teacher tell me, “It’s not about the product; it’s about the process.” It is because of this that I will make sure to let the students to do everything for themselves. Basic life skills that we do not have to think twice about, these special needs children do. This includes such things as cutting their food, feeding themselves, putting their shoes on the right foot. In a regular classroom setting, teachers...

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