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Special Education Essay

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“Do Special Education Teachers influence a student’s academic success?”
     I have been a Special Education Para-Educator for eleven years now. My decision to do this was based on the needs of my family and kids. When my last child was born, the doctors did not think that he would make it. He had a heart malfunction and was born with RSV and Von Villibrantds disease (which I did not find out until he was three); those factors lead me to want to work with special education kids, knowing that I could make a difference.
     When I was twenty –three I went to college to get my science degree, thinking that was all that I would need before I ...view middle of the document...

These students have severe problems and can be violent when they don’t get their way. You can get hurt on the job, these particular kids will curse at you, spit on you, hit and kick you, and even throw things at you. However, it is worth it when you realize that something that you taught them has clicked in and they are listening to you. You get the feeling that you have succeeded in what you are doing. It is a great sense of accomplishment. I would not trade what I do for anything.
     I know that by being a special education teacher I will make a positive difference in the lives of the kids with disabilities and with their parents. I will help them succeed in whatever they do. By being a special education teacher, I will have the opportunity to use my talents and skills creatively and to grow both professionally and personally. I love the kids. They are the most loving people in the world. They will help you when you are down. I love the look that appears on their faces when they realize they can do something today that they could not do yesterday. Those moments make it all worthwhile.
     The kids I work with have a very hard time controlling themselves and it’s great to see them gain confidence, learn to like themselves, and gain self-control. You teach them to give themselves a chance. I am constantly learning new techniques and new approaches. I like the challenge of working with kids who don’t follow the traditional paths of learning. It gives...

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