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Speach: What Does It Takes To Be Good Parents

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Thank you very much everyone, thank you for spending willing to spend your time to be with me and hear my speech for today. For today, kindly lend me your ears and I would try my best to interest you with my speech about parenting. Perhaps before I begin my speech, I hope you will forgive me if I just remind you about the missing of our MAS Flight MH370 which until now, nobody knew what happens to them. Few month back then, the mainstream media reported and follows the Tweet of Maira Nari, 17 years old daughter of Andrew Nari, one of the crew for that unlucky flight.
“Come home fast dad, it’s the only thing I want”
“Daddy, Liverpool is winning the game. Come home, so you can watch the ...view middle of the document...

Ignoring that facts however, my speech will focused on six criteria to be a good parents that really matters, which are showing good examples, loving the child unconditionally, placing the child needs first, knowing when to punish or disciplining the child, knowing when to praise, giving reward or simply bribing the child, and last but not least, trusting the child to make certain decision.
There is a proverb saying; “a child grew from watching their parents back”. This is partially true. Well at least in the early stages of a child life, until they learn about smartphone, internet application and gaming console. But still, this is one of important factor that effects on how the child going to grow up. Based on research by Australian Institutes of Family Studies, Bornstein 1991, compiled by Sarah Wise on 2003; that parent’s attitudes, believe and values described as “potentially exerting an indirect effect on child outcomes”. This proves that within families, a theory leading by examples are implied. A child might grew up to be a smoker, if his dad is smoker. A child might grew up to be a shopaholic if his or her mother is one, and a child might grew up to be a cat lover, if their parents loves cat. This facts, is really happening around us, and I could be living testimonials for that, if needed. So a good parents, always should show a good example to their child. Be a better person for next better generation that we “produced”.
Secondly, a good parents would always love their child unconditionally. Well, exclude certain case of inhumanity that happening recently, most of the parents loves their child. But just keep in mind that love is not synonymous with material possessions, low expectations or inappropriate leniency. Loves means accept them no matter what. Let me give an example. When your child draw something on the wall using crayons, or when the child put toys, replacing the work assignment from your briefcase which you only noticed during the presentation hours, you still going to love them. Good parents would forgive the child while holding the child accountable for their actions. By loving also means, to provide what the child needs, not what the child want. An example for this case is when your child crying, wanting to play with a knife, or jumping from bed to bed refusing to sleep, way past after bedtimes, you certainly would not allow them to. But, figure an alternatives way or different method to achieve what we want to convey to them, without effecting the child creativity and interest. If your child want to play with knife, provide them with cooking utilities toys and a play dough. If your child hardly able to sleep at night, read them a bedtime story and make them a milk. That should able to help, for most common cases.
Third, nobody can dispute the facts that a child spends most of their time at home. A good parents should know how to place the needs of the child first. Placing the child first shows him...

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