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Sparkling glass limited a company with 300 million turnover, is running through losses for the past 2 years. The financial problems have resulted because, production is outpacing sales, as production cost is 75 percent of the sales. Government also hold most of the company's input which results in increase in price of the product and at the same time competitors, sell glass containers at lower prices because of which customers prefer to buy from those sellers.

Manufacturing of glass containers is a continuous process and requires a lot of training. Working conditions near the glass furnace is very difficult because of immense heat and there are no fans in that area, which poses a problem for workers. Glass manufacture deals in variety and if we see other companies produce variety of bottles and whereas our company only deal with a single variety, ...view middle of the document...

He has good communication skills and applies them while solving issues. His understanding with the glass will be helpful in maintaining the production, but his attitude towards the workers is not that good and he faces problem getting along with them .Due to his personal reason he has not been able to devote more time to his work in the evening shifts.

He is working with the company since last 12 years and has been loyal towards the company and has a diploma. He is good with the unions and therefore he is respected by the workers and is good at training them. Looking at his past record it has shown that he is a hard worker and has achieved this position. He is not good with numbers which could be a little problematic in field of costing and production. Very good with workers, but too friendly can poses a problem for him. Has a poor vision.

As Khanna he is also a glass technologist and holds a 3years experience with the company. He has been working with Ashok, various times for planning jobs and has potential for growth. His relation with workers is just adequate and has very good friendship with Khanna. He is very good at planning and in dealing with numbers. His past experience says that he has a average performance with the company.

He holds a 5 years working experience, has a diploma and some qualifications. He has good grasping power and solved a issue between two different unions, a skill which a job requires. Due to his lack of experience with the company, he has not been much familiar with the workers, but by putting extra hours he is trying to do that.

Company for this posts need an employee who is good at accounting, so that he could help in solving cost related problems. Company needs a person who could manage sales and help in production, so that production cost does not exceeds sales. Company should appoint a person who could get along with the workers and could solve the problems and make them work efficiently with full utilization of resource.

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