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Space Exploration And Everyday Life Essay

1169 words - 5 pages

Thomas Annunziato
Professor Eglevsky
Eng. 101
12 March 2013
Space Exploration And Everyday Life
The United States is in debt, about 14 trillion bucks out of the game.( And we
have about 12 million individuals out of work.(BLS) So what are we doing about it? Here in the
good ole U.S. of A. we have this thing called the sequester which is set up to limit the federal
budget, you know to put a cap on things makes sense right? But doesn't the government fund
programs that keeps its citizens employed? The answer is yes that's the whole point of stimulus
programs and in some way or another government's whole budget. So when the government gets
together and looks at ...view middle of the document...

How can the
country that put the first humans on the moon take a back seat on space travel? Humans are an
interesting creature. We are stubborn and don't like to come to grip with our own mortality,
we know Earth is pretty much boned. We know the super volcano in Yellowstone will erupt and
cause mass devastation and wipe out earth. We know that earth changes its poles and when it
does it weakens or sometimes loses its magnetic field and becomes exposed to all sorts of solar
radiation causing once again mass extinction. So why the hell are we still on this planet? We as
Earthlings need to make a move and become alien invaders our self if we want our species to
survive. Human's over whelming drive for discovery is what sets apart from other species
without it we are just another genetic mutation that is being tried and judged in the court that we
call the universe. It's time to put money back into these programs with increasing urgency and
make science and space interesting again for the good of the species.

Ok so you didn't fall for the tear jerking for the good of the species thing, fine then
read this:
In any space mission manned or unmanned an incredible amount of research is invested
into that one mission. I'm not just talking about a bunch of nerds computing numbers. I'm talking
about nutrition, energy production and conservation, safety, and structural analysis all which
have real world applications. NASA hasn't given earthlings just tempered
mattresses it has given us so much more from nutrient enriched baby food to permission GPS
software and beyond. So remember to say thanks you when your perfectly healthy baby is crying
and you're trying to figure out where the next McDonalds is. All of these accomplishments are
thanks to the need for better things in space not here, not earth. NASA has these things called
Spinoff. And what how this works is NASA has a need for a particular thing, program,
device anything for a space mission and after they make there "thing" they create a Spinoff report
for the general public and government about new technologies that can be useful for everyone.
This in return stimulates our economy by creating thousands of jobs because all sorts of
companies and manufactures drool over the new technology...

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