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Space Exploration Essay

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Is Money Spent on Space Exploration a Waste?



Human beings have always been fascinated with the idea of visiting space. Scientists all over the world have scrambled on the opportunity to go and explore space. Rockets that were made back in the 20th century have made it possible for people to tour the area. Following the First World War, the Soviet Union and the United States made their missile programs, all aimed at space exploration. Knowing that space exploration is one costly affair, there have been raging debates whether it is necessary to spend tons of money on it. This essay begs to answer ...view middle of the document...

It could be logical to create resources that generate jobs then visit space.

Jerry asserts that the earth is not entirely explored meaning that there is no need to go explore space (2009). There is a lot of potential on earth enormous that would be more interesting than space. There are beautiful stones on planet earth, particular indigenous trees, and beautiful world animals on this side of the Sahara. On earth, you will find large water bodies that are a remarkable sight. It makes no sense for one to go visiting space, yet he or she has not exhausted the earth.

There is no direct benefit associated with exploring space. If exploring space would translate to inventions that lead to better living standards, then it would make some sense. Exploring space is quite an expensive affair. There are no clear benefits associated with space exploration. It is pointless to engage in an activity that has no social or economic benefit such as space exploration (Cockell, 2007).

There is, therefore, no need for countries to use a sizeable amount of their income to visit space. The money used to visit area could help improve many livelihoods and even deal with the many health challenges faced in the world today. While scientists may argue that visiting space contributes to their many inventions, there if no tangible benefit on planet earth. Space exploration is a waste of money. Countries should not waste their funds on activities that do not positively influence the GDP.


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