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Southwest Culture Essay

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Southwest Airlines has a one of a kind culture primarily based on customer service. Southwest Airlines dedication to happy employees has been the platform for their success. Like any organization, communication is essential to keep employees and customers informed and united. Southwest Airlines has numerous forms of both internal and external communication such as newsletters, customer interaction software, and much more. Southwest Airlines adopted values most definitely align with their enacted value, which they call their formula for success; a happy employee equals a happy customer (Southwest Airlines, 2013).

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Also available on the SWALife website is a podcast called the RedBellyRadio and a video channel called the SWA TV, which includes video messages from people across the company and the results of employee surveys (McDonald, 2011).
In July 2013, Southwest Airlines renewed their contract with Varolii Corporation. Varolii Corporation is a leader in providing management applications for customer interactions (Shively, 2013). They help organizations effectively communicate with large number of customers and employees. Through the use of Varolii Interact Platform, Southwest Airlines can send voice, text, and e-mail alerts to their customers. Also they have smart phone push notifications and an inbound call center to assist their customers.
Southwest Airlines has some extensive forms of communications for both their employees and customers. The organization keeps employees well informed of all changes and events occurring within the company, along with the customers. Southwest Airlines treats their employees with the same level of respect they expect them to share externally with...

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