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Southwest Airlines Loves Bags Essay

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Southwest Airlines Loves Bags
Oklahoma Wesleyan University

Executive Summary
This paper discusses the case study in chapter seventeen on Southwest Airlines. The case study is titled, “At Southwest Airlines, “We Love Your Bags”. The case involves how Southwest Airlines promotes their brand and their services via various communications methods and advertisement campaigns. In this paper, we will discuss the case and create a situation analysis of the case. We’ll also go over the case study questions. Finally we will wrap up with a summary of the findings.
Situation Analysis
In the case, Southwest is shown as coming from a small Texas-based airline to one of the ...view middle of the document...

This reaches out to a specific demographic and shows that Southwest knows that traveling might be limited if people can’t bring their pets with them. So instead of just not traveling, now these individuals have an option without leaving their pets at home and where they can know they are safe and secure.
Southwest’s current promotions are all about check bags flying free. While other airlines are charging as much as $25 for a checked bag, Southwest allows the first two checked bags free. Airlines have made over $2 billion in revenue on baggage fees a year, and Southwest could reach their hand out and take some of this revenue as well. However, Southwest feels that customer loyalty and market share is more important than getting temporary revenue by forcing individuals to pay for these checked bags.
The promotions typically have a humorous side to them. For example, in recent commercials Southwest asks “Why do they hate your bags?” Another commercial features Southwest Airlines ramp workers waving goodbye to bags that are boarding a plane. This humor helps to show customers that Southwest is an “everyman” airline and that it sees how funny it is to charge for baggage and how much it frustrates the consumer.
Discussion Questions
In the textbook case study there were three discussion questions. Question number one asks us to describe the various promotion elements that Southwest uses in its integrated marketing communications. The answer to this question is that Southwest uses...

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