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Southwest Airlines In 2008 Case Analysis

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Summary Corporate Culture &
Southwest Airline Case Analysis


Corporate culture is an incredibly powerful factor in a company’s long-term success. No matter how good your strategy is, when it comes down to it, people always make the difference.

Corporate Culture
* Is the meshing of shared values, beliefs, business principles, and traditions that imbues a firm’s operating style, behavioral norms, ingrained attitudes, and work atmosphere.
* Is important because it influences the firm’s actions and approaches to conducting business

Corporate culture refers to the shared values, ingrained attitudes, core beliefs and company traditions that determine norms ...view middle of the document...

* Focus on Solutions: Deep problem solving may require time and resources to investigate, in the end, you will keep the organization from repeating mistakes that stem from the same organizational root issues. We are focus on solutions rather than focus on problems.
* Aligning: Closely aligning corporate culture with the requirements for proficient strategy execution merits the full attention of senior executives.

Have you ever gone through a problem culture and unhealthy culture? How do you reserve them?

Yes, especially when we have a new Managing Director from outside company and did not know how does our company culture. Sometimes make a strategy for company and on the strategy-executing process got resistant from employees.

To reserve a problem culture and unhealthy culture to be healthy culture or curing an unhealthy company culture is not easy, but on my opinion, there are at least four action steps that must be taken :

1. Define the culture you need for success.
Look at where you want to be success and figure out what kind of culture you need to be successful. Once you are clear on your outcomes, work with leaders to define the culture required for success. Be sure to build a consensus around the desired culture.

2. Define your current culture — thoroughly diagnose it.
This is a critical step in validating and clarifying the current culture — and the problematic behavior you’re seeing. Before you can figure out what needs to change, you have to understand where you are now.

We can use reliable surveys to quantify the facts about the culture. This data makes your information measurable, easier to act on, and easier to communicate about your current culture.

3. Engage your workforce.
This does not mean giving inspirational speeches to your employees and hoping they respond well. It means engaging them in the conversation. Use a systematic, planned method of sharing with them to begin a conversation about solutions.

Gaining insight from the workforce on how to close gaps moves dialogue from griping and complaining to actionable suggestions that include things they can do to close the gaps.

4. Form a plan of action and follow it.
After you clarify the culture, you need for success and understand what needs to change in your current culture, make a concrete plan with milestones and measures.

Follow up regularly on the plan’s progress, and discuss any issues with individual leaders.A great way to make sure you follow up with action items is to make it a part of regular business reviews.

How does this culture assist the strategy execution?

* A culture well matched to the requirements of the strategy execution effort focuses the attention of employees on what is most important to this effort.
* Culture-induced peer pressure induces personnel to do things in a manner that aids good strategy execution.
* A culture consistent with the requirements for good strategy execution can energize...

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