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Sourcing Strategy Essay

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Summary of ArticleOutsourcing is the practice of contracting an outside third party agent to take over specified functions. As Jones (2006) suggests, the potential benefit of knowing when to outsource is a very high return on investment, however, a company should understand the strategic rationale for outsourcing through the sourcing model, pursue a sourcing strategy that aligns with the company strategy and acknowledge the scenarios under which outsourcing is undesired.In order to understand the strategic rationale for outsourcing, Jones (2006) urges that the company should consult the sourcing model. The sourcing model consists of five focuses and they are :1. Company Strategy2. Function ...view middle of the document...

Most importantly, the documentation in this focus assists executives in making business decisions. It also allows the potential third parties to understand the functions within the company and to determine the necessary components when responding to an outsourcing request for proposal. The rationale in this focus is to know the company's own capabilities and understand its skills and knowledge. By doing so, the company is able to construct a productive and efficient outsourcing strategy that can result in cost reduction and a higher return on investment.The third focus in the sourcing model is sourcing strategy and the decision matrix. The creation of decision matrix links the company strategy and current capabilities together. The company should use a decision matrix to evaluate and prioritize sourcing goals against its company strategy and currently capabilities to lay out the decision points, which are then used to construct the sourcing strategy. On the other hand, the company must identify and communicate potential risks to executive management which allows them to expect the downside effects of the strategies. The rationale in this focus is to construct a sourcing strategy through carefully laying out decision points, identifying downside factors and aligning sourcing strategy to company strategy.The fourth focus in the sourcing model is sourcing requirements and the request for proposal (RFP). As companies choose to outsource more, the outsourcing requirements and request for proposal must be simple and flexible because outsourcing involves significant change in the organizational structure of the company. A flexible approach will enhance the opportunity to achieve a successful outsourced solution. To create a flexible approach, the company must be able to manage some of the procurement issues, such as those presented in the following list :1. Separating commodity content from strategic content2. Guarding against a common commodity bias among buyers and sellers; relying on volume and term as the primary pricing levers3. Avoiding the use of boilerplate language and terms that could dilute focus of true accountabilities across the company and outsource provider4. Considering the upside and downside implications of strategic alliances and partnerships5. Considering the implications of multi-suppler mix and associated interdependencies6. Considering the upside and downside implications of sole sourced negotiations with any incumbent outsource provider7. Addressing the change factors throughout, especially in the area of price sensitivityThe rationale in this focus is to have the company retain the ultimate ownership and clearly define the accountabilities when posting the request for proposal to ensure the success of outsourcing. The company must also be flexible and not to use the a standardized approach to avoid the dilution of true accountabilities.The fifth focus in the sourcing model is solutions inventory which determines the company's...

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