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Sound Stage Member System Proposal Report

943 words - 4 pages

Table of Contents
1. Executive Summary
2. Introduction
3. Conclusions and Recommendations
4. Methods and Procedures
5. Final Conclusion
6. Appendixes

1. Summary
Contained in this report are three candidates for a proposed new member services upgrade. The current Member Services system has been in place for many years. During this time the company has undertaken large growth and the system cannot adequately support the demands and needs.
The first candidate is the purchase of a commercial off the shelf package. This solution supports Member Services requirements and the current business processes would have to modified to accommodate the software. ...view middle of the document...

Net and SQL Server database. This allows for a complete customization that would better fit the needs of the users as well as support demands of data processing and business workflow. Standards set in place with the in-house application offers expandability which will help the company in the long run. The system will not have to be revised when growth occurs since the application will be modular and easily adapted. The initial cost of this option is higher, but will offer the greatest return in the future.

4. Methods and Procedures
The team has done a complete analysis of all viable options. Interviews and questionnaires throughout the company were used to find the most important functions of the system that needed updating. In turn all stakeholders were invited to participate in the analysis and development of this proposal. System Analyst, System Designers, and Systems Builders shared valuable information that was applied to the three candidates for the new system.
The current system showed a flaw that occurred when information was collected and imputed multiple times causing redundancy and slowdown. In addition to the redundant information being entered, information that were being placed into the database failed to have checks to make sure data were correct. Customer information was entered differently between various departments.
The first candidate was to purchase a COTS or commercial off the shelf package.

5. Final Conclusion
By choosing the option to develop the application internally will allow the company to benefit at the present moment as well as the flexibility to expand in the future. In the long run will save money and help the company’s bottom end.

6. Appendices
Wt Candidate 1 Candidate 2 Candidate 3
Description Purchase commercial off-the-shelf package for member services. Write new application in-house using new company standard VB.NET and SQL Server database Rewrite current in-house application using PowerBuilder.
Operational feasibility 15% Supports only Member Services requirements. Current business process would have to...

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