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Sound And Smell Essay

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Sound is defined as the movement of air molecules brought about by a source of vibration. The ear works by picking up sound waves vibration in the eardrum, which is located inside your ear. Then the sound waves are carried through a fluid in the inner ear called cochlea, this process turns and vibrates tiny hairs that tune to different pitches of sound. Information from the vibration of the hairs stimulates nerves is then sent to the signals of the brain to be processed. The ear is similar to a microphone where sound vibrates a diaphragm, which causes electrical signals to travel through a wire to a processor. Sound is made up of characteristics which are pitch and loudness. Pitch is ...view middle of the document...

The sense of smell is the oldest sense. People can detect at least one trillion distinct scents and some of the most pleasurable scents include vanilla, cinnamon, crayons, and cookies. Humans scent cells are renewed every 30 to 60 days. People can smell fear and disgust but women have a better sense of smell than men. Age related loss is linked to race- African Americans and Hispanics experience loss of smell related to age earlier than Caucasians. Dogs have nearly 44 times more scent cells than humans. Loss of smell may signal future illnesses. Each human has his or her own distinct odor. A declining sense of smell may indicate serious health problems or something as simple as allergies. Although we need and use all of our senses on a regular basis, your sense of smell is the only sense that has direct connection to the brain. In this publication it begins by explaining that compared to other animals our sense of smell is weak, but even with that it is still strong. Two small odor-detecting patches that are high up in our nasal passage is what helps us to smell. Examples that were given as comparison were a rabbit, which has 100 million receptors, and a dog, which has 220 million receptors. While this might make it seem like we have no sense of smell at all, we still have a strong sense. Another fact given is that the nose is main organ of taste. Only those tastes that are sweet, sour, salty, or bitter are detected by the tongue, the rest are done by the olfactory receptors in our nose. It is said that at the age of eight our sense of smell plateaus and as we get older it declines. Those with mental health issues such as schizophrenia, very-low-weight anorexics, and migraine sufferers often have olfactory dysfunctions or deficits also may have issues smelling. Some claim that certain psychiatric disorders are linked closely to certain olfactory deficits and that they should do a smell-test in the diagnostic procedures. The University of Pennsylvania did a study that showed people who were blind did not necessarily have a better sense of smell than those who could see. This shows that when you lose one sense others might not become stronger, but that is not proven. Researchers must be careful about the odors they use when...

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