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Sorry For The Loss Essay

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English essay
Bridget Keehan ”Sorry for the loss”, 2008

A butterfly is a free and a beautiful animal, which you can symbolize freedom and beauty. But some things can also have an evil and dark side. The yearning for freedom and the possibility of being together with family and friends when things happens appears in the short story “Sorry for the loss” by Bridget Keehan from 2008. In the short story we meet a chaplain named Evie and a young criminal named Victor Zamora.
Evie has to tell Victor Zamora that his Nan died the day before on a hospital, but the meeting with Victor turns out to be a bit strange.

Evie is a chaplain and she had worked in the prison for over a year, but she ...view middle of the document...

Victor is described as a relatively good-looking boy with olive skin and pretty eyes and a white smile (p. 4, l. 136). All the other prisoners have their cells totally filled with family photographs or picture of half naked women, but Victor’s is totally empty (p. 4, ll. 112-115)

When Evie tells Victor that his Nan has died he reacts a bit strange. Victor seems to care more about all the pigeons outside his cell than his Nan who just passed away. This is the first place in the story where the reader gets a different impression of Victor. In the beginning of the meeting we get an impression of Victor that he is a kind and down to earth person. But this weird situation changes our impression a bit. Suddenly he seems cold and not emotionally influenced by the family tragedy.

The short story is told by a third person narrator, with a limited omniscient point of view, because it is limited to Evie. We hear the story from Evie’s point of view. The reader only got access to the main characters thoughts and experiences, which in this story is Evie. All the other characters in the story are described by Evie, the main characters point of view. Due to the way that the story is told, makes it easier for the reader to get involved in the text and in some cases it makes it easier for the reader to relate to the text.
The narrator technique in the story is shown in the point of view. We experience all the things in the text through Evies eyes and the way she thinks, and that’s a way to make the reader feel the same as she does. It makes the reader to go on Evie’s side. The way that the reader gets dragged in to the story and her difficulties through the story makes the reader want everything to go well for Evie.

The narrator uses some symbols in the story. One symbol and a pretty...

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