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Sophie Scholl The Final Days Night. Comparative Essay

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It has become quite ordinary to not think about the past. Sure it gets taught and everyone knows it’s there but people never want to look back. Out of shame? Fear? In today’s day, we respect the past but rarely delve into it except for certain days.
Elie Wiesel’s book Night is the self-account of Wiesel’s life in the Holocaust. It reflects back to the time through the eyes of a Jewish boy living in the awful conditions. It tells the story from the first few steps that Hitler takes, to when the camps was liberated. Wiesel delivered a powerful message "of peace, atonement and human dignity" to humanity.
The Final Days is a film about resistance in Nazi Germany of one woman in ...view middle of the document...

In “The Final Days”, Sophie does not change as much as Elie does. She hold on to what she believes even in all the darkness. Even in the beginning of the movie, where she is very happy, she is still the same person that she is at the end (except for the head). While both characters go through extremely tough times and hardships, they handle things a lot differently. Sophie, who has not been hardened by torment and torture, risks her life to try and help those being tormented and tortured. She is a strong woman and refuses to submit to the Nazi’s. She would rather die than do that. “Please, don’t worry, I’d do the same again”. Elie, is not as fortunate. As a Jewish person, he is tormented and tortured in the death camps. He goes through an incredible journey and still has so much survivor’s guilt and regret. “I was weak, rather shy; I did nothing to save myself.” He gives up as he does not have the strength to anymore. He is weaker than Sophie, with good reason, but they react differently to certain situations because of the kinds of lives they were given.

Another way that these two pieces of media are different are the ways in which they are shown. Night is a memoir of the author’s story during the Holocaust. It is very short but very powerful. A memoir is perfect for his story because he seems to think that he was not really supposed to live so a memoir is not a big or grand survivor’s tale, rather a short but amazing peek into the author’s life. He didn’t want to delve too deep into it as he had so many regrets and maybe did not think he deserves to prove that much as his story is short. Sophie Scholl, is better...

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