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Sony Essay

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Miss: Winpicha Wilairat

ID: 577-1013

MS6405 Strategic Management

Assignment 2

2.1 What is the external environment scanning that Sony (TV division only) is misinterpreted on analysis?

External environment scanning of an organization comprises social, economic, technological and regulatory forces. For Sony electronics and elaborates are the key factors and trends that impact the electronics industry.

The external environment scanning that Sony is minister prated on analysis is social environment. According to the analysis the external environment scanning of electronics industry reveals it to be highly competitive with high ...view middle of the document...

The changing preferences of the customers present both, a risk and an opportunity to the various players in the industry depending on their ability to innovate and meet customers’ needs. Sony has been a leader in innovation and therefore, is expected to be benefitted by the change in customer preferences.

Economic – The global economy impacts the electronics industry and with the U.S. still recovering from economic recession, the electronics industry is subject to minimized sales. Sony in particular derives approximately 78% of its operating revenue from U.S., Japan and Europe and is therefore, vulnerable to the economic downturn

Technological – Advanced technologies dominate the electronics industry and are one of the determining factors that differentiate between the market leaders and average organizations in the industry. Technological innovations are well-adopted by Sony, leading to the strong presence and demand of Sony electronics in several geographical locations.

Legal & Regulatory – Intellectual property rights and patents are crucial in the electronics industry as evident in the case of Samsung and Apple lawsuit (Apple-Samsung Lawsuit: Apple Targets 4 Additional Products , 2012). Moreover, the multinational electronics organizations have to be cautious of the regulatory framework of the various countries they operate in.

2.2 Please, conduct the Sony (TV division only) SWOT analysis.

Sony swot

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