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Songs Essay

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The song I choose to do was “ Runaway Love” by Ludacris ft. Mary J. Blige. The song focuses on three different scenarios dealing with young girls from the ages of 9-11. For the first scenario it focuses on a nine year old whose mother had many different men in her life. Throughout the men who go in and out of her mother life they are sexually ...view middle of the document...

The second scenario is about an eleven year old who is being beat by her alcoholic father and only had one friend who understands her. Walking home from school one day the friend is shot by a drive by bullet. Now she is left alone because that’s was the only person she had. On the last scenario an eleven year old is doing drugs and being sexually active with males that are older. She knows if her mom finds out she will go crazy. The sum of the three stories are these young girls are going through situation where they wish they could runaway and just forget everything that has happened. The race that the song is mainly directed towards all nationalities because these things can happen to anyone.

Accent- slang speaking in a way that a more African American audience would understand
Gender- targeted to mainly females
Class- lower class which is the poor because all the situation the parents were struggling financially or had some type of situation

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