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Song Letter Essay

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The explosive growth of Computer and information technology over the past few years has both its good and bad side to the society. For sure, it has alleviated some of our endemic problems and has even change the way people conduct their daily activites, from business to communication, sharing of information, to conducting research etc. These new changes although widely accepted has also created some basic challenges and problems to our society.
Among the challenges that we face in this information age is the issue of our privacy. The definition of privacy is the ability of an individual or group to seclude themselves or information about themselves and thereby reveal themselves selectively. ...view middle of the document...

These concerns include whether email can be stored or read by third parties without consent, or whether third parties can track the web sites someone has visited. Another concern is whether web sites which are visited collect, store, and possibly share personally identifiable information about users.
The advent of various search engines and the use of data mining created a capability for data about individuals to be collected and combined from a wide variety of sources very easily.[6][7][8]
This new-fangled phenomenonhas created a lot of adverse effect to Mankind and has pose a threat to our right to privacy . In this article, we review the previous and present concept of privacy and the challenges we face in this eraand proffer some solution on how one can protect his/her privacy.

History of privacy
Since the existence of man, Privacy has been a long term issue. From one perspective at least, humans have been facing issues of privacy or the lack of privacy since the time of ancient Rome.
In 1890 in what is now regarded as the key early modern writing on privacy, Samuel Warren and Louis Brandeis referred to privacy as the ‘right to be let alone, and argued the need for a legal protection of this right in the face of ‘recent inventions and business methods’.
While the face of the world and business methods have changed, the Warren and Brandeis formulation remains one of the simplest and most meaningful answers to the question of ‘what is privacy?’ Privacy is a human right. Some fundamental part of human dignity requires privacy. Privacy is part of the claim to personal autonomy. It supports the various freedoms that democratic countries value.
As then Professor Zelman Cowen said in the 1969 Boyer lectures ‘A man without privacy is a man without dignity; the fear that Big...

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