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Something Essay

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MGM Advertising & Communications Services, Inc.

Address: Ste. 1203 Galleria Corporate Center EDSA cor Ortigas Ave. Quezon City Manila
Contact: Tere de Jesus - Garcia
Company description:

MGM is a full service communications company that provides advertising, public relations, event planning & management, market research and other communications services to broad range of clients. Clients include Honda, Cathay Land, National Bookstore, Seaoil, JVC, Heinz, Lea & Perrins, Bridgestone.
Dean Owen has been changing
his business cards to say “President”
for years now, so we thought we
might as well make it official.
MGM attempted to establish a new life for ...view middle of the document...

Brand Sense will work on nontraditional licensing categories and help with production and services. It will also focus on areas such as accessories and apparel, consumer electronics, and home décor products. Its efforts will be supported by MGM's legacy in the field of entertainment. Brand Sense Partners, LLC, is based in Los Angeles, CA. Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, Inc., oversees the worldwide production and distribution of motion pictures and other media and owns the world's largest library of modern films.
The MGM Grand has hired a start-up ad agency founded by a former Mirage Resorts executive to handle its advertising and build on the "City of Entertainment" theme.
      The Strip resort is the first client for the Las Vegas-based Schadler, Kramer, Salisbury Advertising.
      "This is a great way to start a company," said John Schadler. "They have a tremendous reputation and we're proud to be starting out with them."
      MGM Grand's senior vice president of sales and marketing, Chuck Bowling, said, "We've been able to take advantage of a tremendous opportunity to identify with Schadler and his partners and move forward."
      Bowling said the agency will take MGM Grand's advertising in a new direction, updating it for the year 2000, but will retain an identifiable theme.
     "We'll continue to build on the City of Entertainment brand that's been so successful." He said changing agencies was not the result of any disappointment with MGM Grand's former agency, but a business decision.
      Previously, the MGM Grand was represented by Young and Rubicam in partnership with the Las Vegas-based Merica Agency. Young and Rubicam Director of Media Julie Neil said her agency held the MGM Grand account for about two years during which time it won an award for the resort's Studio 54 ads. Their contract with MGM Grand, she said, ended this past November.
      In response to MGM's decision, Joe Merica, president and founder of the agency said, "Management at the MGM made a decision to go with a guy they've known a long time. As painful as it was for us, we respect that decision and hope to work for them again at some point in the future."
      SKS was founded by Mirage Resorts' former vice president of advertising, John Schadler. He is the winner of several prestigious advertising awards including the CLIO and Effie Awards. Before working at Mirage, he was the vice president of advertising for Bally's Casino Hotels.
      Schadler said his agency would infuse more energy the MGM Grand's City of Entertainment theme.
      "We're giving it a bolder, more colorful, more aggressive look than it had," he said. "It's not a radically new direction, but there are a lot of things we'll do to help unify their brand. There will be a greater consistency in their look, their approach. We think they've established themselves with...

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