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Some We Love Chapter 5 Summary And Reflection

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Men and women are expected to respond to animals differently based on gender stereotypes. Although there are always exceptions, human behavior varies based on factors such as culture, biology, and upbringing. I also believe that the relationship you have with animals may be a factor in how emotional, or non-emotional you may feel towards towards animal related topics such as animal abuse. Many different reachers and psychologists have conducted numerous theories to seek out the answer to the infamous question are “human sex differences a result of nature or nurture?” We still have yet to find a definitive answer. “Some psychologists have found that some sex differences show up so early that ...view middle of the document...

” This could possibly be a trait that human males developed overtime as a way of coping with killing the animals they hunted. The shut off of male emotions may also have an effect on mens relationships with animals today. Some theories try to prove that women relate to and identify with animals more than men do because they both are underprivileged and fall victim to male exploitation. Some aspects of our relationships with animals are profoundly affected by gender, depending on the type of relationship. “Traditional gender roles view women as creatures of nature with an “instinct” for nurturing,” but where do we draw the line between nurturance and their desire to kill animals?

A large majority of animal rights activists are women and numerous animal welfare organizations recruit women over men. Stephan Keller of Yale university has found that women are more concerned with protecting animals than men and their employment in animal related facilities proves her theory. It is also more likely for a man to commit an offense against animals. Animal abuse can come in may forms and can be inflicted both intentionally and unintentionally. Hoarders are a good example both. Hoarding is dangerous and most homes with hoarders have terrifying living conditions including horrifying levels of filth and non-functional essentials such as refrigerators and showers. Hoarding can be linked to a range of cognitive disorders such as dementia, OCD, and delusions. “They have every intention to care for their pets, but their...

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