Some Read Between The Lines That Dunkirk For Britain Was A Triumph Because The Soldiers Escaped And Survived The Incident At Dunkirk To Fight Another Day

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Some read between the lines that Dunkirk for Britain was a triumph because the soldiers escaped and survived the incident at Dunkirk to fight another day; this can be seen in interpretations of source B1. Its written by a military historian who interprets Dunkirk as ‘a miracle’ he then goes on to say ‘Hundreds of troops were rescued from the German advance in a nick of time- it seemed like a victory just getting the troops back to fight another day’ the historian has come to this conclusion because they saved a whole lot of people even though they lost some, it boosted the opinions of the army in the public eye and how they can fight another day. This is a reliable piece of evidence to a ...view middle of the document...

It’s also not a primary source as he wasn’t there which it happened. From source b2 I can infer that the British soldiers were brave and that even though they were alone they were not willing to back down. Their ally France had let them down and now they had to face what was to transpire on their own. This also shows us that the evacuation was a success. This cartoon was created to encourage support for the BEF, build patriotism, to engender a feeling of happiness and to create a positive thought about the evacuation of Dunkirk. This source is useful because it shows the successes and was created from the time. However, this source is limited in its usefulness as it is censored; it is a cartoon, so it is not as reliable. It could also have been staged as it was published in the London Evening Standard, so it could have been perceived to show only the braveness of the soldiers and to show the public there was nothing to worry about. It is also one personas interpretation which makes it limited; there are no facts which make it highly unreliable. It only shows the successes. It is a source of propaganda and is biased. The government used censorship because they wanted the British public to support them; they wanted them to believe them. The government could have edited the cartoon to make it look like a success, that the British have it all under controlled. It was created to show the positive reflection of what had happened in the war. The source is reliable as it was created at the time however the source is limited because it doesn’t show Dunkirk was a disaster, it just shows the positive points.

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