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Some Points In The State Of The Union 2015

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Thinh Tang

The State of the Union is an important annual speech in America, where the president reports on the condition of the nation and proclaim the legislative agenda and national priorities. This year, the State of the Union is took place at the floor of the the House of Representatives, President Barack Obama, on his second to last of his presidency, issued several liberal proposals to Congress. These programs include a child-care tax credit, free community college.

In his speech, he mentions about the free community college for students in two years. The president’s proposal is to raise the quality of students and lower the cost of community college to zero. He would like to ...view middle of the document...

If this plan is approved, it would be a remark in American history and Obama’s presidency.

Besides, he discusses about some important economic issues, for example, child-care tax credit plan and the law that ensures a woman can get the equal wage for the same work as a man. In his speech, that he calls the subject of child care is a “must have” for working families and plugging his plan to create a $3,000 tax credit to alleviate its rising expense. In the fact that, 63% of the families with kids have either two working parent or a single parent
in the country; therefore, cutting or reducing rising expense is necessary and has a positive influence to a large part of people who have a low income. As he said “It’s time we stop treating childcare as a side issue, or a women’s issue, and treat it like the national economic priority that it is for all of us. And that’s why my plan will make quality child-care more available, and more affordable, for every middle-class and low-income family with young children in America — by...

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