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Some Of The Causes Of Obesity

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Some of the Causes of Obesity
Nantelle Watson
Everest College

Some of the Causes of Obesity
Why is obesity spreading all over the U.S.? People cannot blame the food because the food doesn’t walk into our mouths. There are so many foods that are claimed to taste unbelievably good, they can’t be avoided. It is the foods that are unhealthy for our bodies that we choose to eat. Americans want to eat what we want then at the end of the day complain about how it made us gain weight or become obese. Obesity affects both adults and young children all over the U.S. and it’s become a huge problem over the years. People choose not to eat unhealthy after they find out they’re having heart ...view middle of the document...

There is something called a BMI calculator that can be found online. This calculator is used to help people find out whether or not they’re obese. Adults are considered obese if the body mass index calculator shows 30 or higher.
Obesity is not only common in adults but children also. Children have a tendency of eating a lot of junk food which is normal for a child to want. Chip’s, candy and soda are the most common snacks high in sugars that kids crave. Parents aren’t always aware of what they’re child is taking in their food system each day. At schools most kids in middle and high schools refuse to eat what is provided for lunch because they see it as too healthy, or nasty. They want things like pizza which contain a lot of fat. If kids knew the reason behind healthy eating, obesity could be reversed and reduced. In today’s world obesity and its side-affects are being taught to kids for safety health reasons. Due to this teaching, obesity can be stopped early.
Ever wonder why so many people in the U.S. are obese? It’s because so many people are rapidly growing off of junk food, so many people refuse to lose weight because they like themselves as is, So many parents refuse to teach their children good...

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